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Ensuring the recovery of your operation must address the life and safety issues of your visitors and employees.


Tech Valley Continuity believes that your people are your most valuable asset, therefore we now offer life saving emergency evacuation equipment.  We feel that the having the right tools available - when they are needed most - can literally mean the difference between life and death.  Therefore, we are pleased to offer the following items and encourage you to have them available.


The AlbacMat(TM) Emergency Rescue Mat is designed to allow only ONE person to safely transport another.


The unique and innovative design enables you to move a patient up or down stars as well as across all types of terrain.  Holds up to 1030 lbs.  No wheels to snag, no pulleys to rig.


- Tapered for patient comfort

- Insulated board provides patient protection

- Foot rest pocket for comfort and security of patient

- Polypropylene board acts as insulator over surfaces

- Eleven separate handles for rescuers' ease

- Unroll, Strap in and GO!


Dimensions:  75" long x 24" wide

Storage Size 14" x 7" x 7"

Weight: 4 lbs. 11 oz.

Load Capacity: 1030 lbs.

Evacupod is a rigid device that can be secured to a mattress for rapid evacuation or carried to any evacuation site.  As illustrated in the image, it provides a safe and secure environment for the patient.


The Evacupod is self inflating and buoyant, making it the perfect device for flood evacuations or open water rescues.





Bariatric EVACMAT is designed to assist emergency services personnel or designated moving and handling staff to evacuate bariatric patients or people from locations such as a hospital ward or other public or private buildings in the event of an emergency.


It assists with the horizontal or vertical evacuation of Bariatric Service Users.

• Tough slippery base enables Service Users to be moved over any surface – indoor or outdoor

• Service User is securely held and cocooned in place

• Coloured code cross straps

• Four side ladder handles and short positioning handles

• Head and foot ladder handles

• Four anchor points

• Easy clean after use



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