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Why Build A Plan?

This questions is often asked, especially from smaller organization.  The most obvious answer is, "So you can survive the next disaster."  However, that is a pretty empty answer that doesn't really address the underlying question: "Why should I invest the time an money into something that I will never need?"  Here are some of the benefits of developing a comprehensive business continuity plan:


Competitive Advantage: Having a good plan does not need to be a secret - especially if your key competitors do not have one.  In today's world, customer's want more than just a low price.  They want assurances you are reliable and will be able to satisfy their needs - when they need you.  If you can't, they will search elsewhere.  So, if you have the same quality product at essentially the same price, who will your prospects choose - the company they can depend upon.  Don't hide the fact you have a continuity plan - PROMOTE IT.  It may very well be the one differentiator that wins you the bid!


Improved Efficiencies: An important aspect of building plans is studying your data and operations flow.  Invariably, you will identify redundant or obsolete tasks.  You might find ways to do something different, or realize there are better tools available than the ones you are using.  You may implement cross-training of staff members, so more than one person can perform a task - eliminating bottlenecks or filling absentee gaps.  These efficiencies are often uncovered during plan testing.


Regulatory Compliance:  More and more, industries find themselves facing tougher rules and reporting requirements.  The health care industry and financial firms are required to address or implement security and contingency solutions.  Everyone needs to file tax returns and if you are publicly trading, your corporate officers have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the interests of their stockholders.


Reduced Liability:  Chances are, you won't see a reduction in your insurance premium, but if you do find yourself in a litigious situation, if you have taken the necessary precautions to protect against damage or injury, you will be in a better position than if you are willfully negligent.

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Tech Valley Continuity, LLC. provides business continuity and disaster recovery planning services to a wide range of public and private organizations.  Services include: Risk Analysis (RA), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Plan Testing and Plan Audits for key vendors and customers.  We model our Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plans against the national standard - NFPA 1600 Standard on Disaster / Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs


Tech Valley Continuity, LLC. promotes a full and complete business continuity planning process, performed with due diligence and conforming to industry best practices, and Tech Valley Continuity, LLC. asserts that only by employing these practices and applying them to your unique business environment can a comprehensive business continuity plan be developed.


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