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Risk Analysis / Impact Analysis

The purpose of Business Continuity Planning is to minimize the disruption on day-to-day activities that an unexpected negative effect can bring.  In order to plan for these events, you need to thoroughly analyze what "bad things" can happen.  A Tech Valley Continuity Risk Assessment (RA) looks at:

   o Nature can bring Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Blizzards, High Winds, Severe Thunderstorms, Earthquakes

   o Humans bring sabotage, fires, water pipe bursts, terrorism, workplace violence, theft (and much more)

   o Technology causes power outages, computer failures, data corruption, software bugs, phone outages

   o Regulatory agencies create compliance issues with FINRA, HIPAA, and a variety of other regulations


Knowing what can go wrong is only half the battle.  Identifying where (and how hard) your operations will be impacted is the other half.  Tech Valley Continuity will conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) that will document how data flows through your organization.  We will examine functions that are performed and any internal or external dependencies.  In the end we will deliver:

   o Prioritized list of Essential Functions based upon their impact on cash flow, reputation and regulations

   o Document data systems, people and other vital records / resources

   o Establishing recovery objectives (Recovery Time Objectives: RTO, Recovery Point Objectives: RPO)

   o Establish requirements for alternate facilities

   o I.T. Systems backup and recovery priorities

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Tech Valley Continuity, LLC. provides business continuity and disaster recovery planning services to a wide range of public and private organizations.  Services include: Risk Analysis (RA), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Plan Testing and Plan Audits for key vendors and customers.  We model our Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plans against the national standard - NFPA 1600 Standard on Disaster / Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs


Tech Valley Continuity, LLC. promotes a full and complete business continuity planning process, performed with due diligence and conforming to industry best practices, and Tech Valley Continuity, LLC. asserts that only by employing these practices and applying them to your unique business environment can a comprehensive business continuity plan be developed.


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