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Learn About The New CMS Emergency Preparedness Regulations is an enterprise level web-based application that is provided as a Software-as-a-Service (Saas).  Customized with your own URL and graphics, this is the perfect tool to satisfy HIPAA requirements.


With over 3000 government entities using this tool, it satisfies all of the Presidential Directives.  In addition to Continuity of Operations (COOP), there are modules for:

- Emergency Operations Planning (EOP)

- Hazard Mitigation Planning (HMP)

- HSEEP Compliant Exercise and Training Services provides all of the functionality of, but it is scaled down for the small to medium sized businesses.  Our plans are configured to make sure you are compliant with the HIPAA Omnibus Rules, FINRA regulations as well as NFPA 1600 and other standards.


Like, we keep track of your:

- Mission Essential Functions

- Final Records and Resources

- Orders of Succession

- Primary and Alternate Facility Requirements

- Essential Contacts

- Planning and Recovery Team Members

RCM allows you to load data from your production database systems to the web-based RCM interface, minimizing the need for manual data entry. Using the provided data, the software generates intelligent risk analysis reports, mitigation strategies and recommendations for disaster preparedness, business/IT disaster recovery planning and testing.


BENEFITS of Web-based Plans

- Saves BCM effort

- Meets federal governance requirements

- Improves resiliency

- Integrates all BC/DR functions

- Measures statistical probability of downtime and loss

- Leverages storage management

- Improves communications

- Manages real-time events with dashboard tracking

- Guides server/data DR


FEATURES of Web-based Plans

- Unlimited users

- SaaS private cloud

- Central administration

- Secure 24/7/365 access to BC/DR plans

- Unlimited BC/DR plans

- Web training videos

- Strategy overview

- Risk measurement/management

- Dependency definition

- Organizational structure

- Process management

- Team/site planning

- Document management

- Test management


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Tech Valley Continuity, LLC. provides business continuity and disaster recovery planning services to a wide range of public and private organizations.  Services include: Risk Analysis (RA), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Plan Testing and Plan Audits for key vendors and customers.  We model our Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plans against the national standard - NFPA 1600 Standard on Disaster / Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs


Tech Valley Continuity, LLC. promotes a full and complete business continuity planning process, performed with due diligence and conforming to industry best practices, and Tech Valley Continuity, LLC. asserts that only by employing these practices and applying them to your unique business environment can a comprehensive business continuity plan be developed.


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